How to Style Your Bed for Eco-Friendly Comfort

eco friendly bedding and pillows

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So you want to save the planet. Girl, same. We can easily do our part by supporting brands that are eco-friendly without sacrificing any comfort. In fact I would argue that natural brands feel even better because you know they’re made sustainably!

I’ve been in the process of redecorating our apartment and I’m starting with the most used space we have; our bed. Beds should be a place of comfort and joy, a spot you can come home to and crash after a long day, cozy up in when you’re feeling blue, and obviously sleep in for many, many hours over the years. When you’re relaxing under the covers the last thing you want to think about is whether or not your sheets helped destroy the ozone layer.

thrifted and eco-friendly bedding

For this reason, I wanted to focus on decking out our bed in a green and sustainable fashion. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I ended up thrifting several pieces for this redecorate. I know some of you may be wrinkling your noses and thinking, “Why would you want to use other people’s bed sheets?” To that I’ll counter with, “The same reason I love to wear other people’s clothes!” Any thrifted item has been used/worn/slept in by other people. That’s what gives it life! Check for marks and stains before you buy and wash what you thrift when you bring it home.

While sheets were the hardest thing to find, I came across an abundance of pillow cases, throw pillows, and blankets all under $5 and all in amazing colors and patterns. Cha-ching! I recommend checking out a few different spots when thrifting home decor, and giving yourself plenty of time to find the right pieces. Something perfect always shows up eventually, and remember: every piece you thrift is literally saving the planet.

eco-friendly bedding and pillows couple and cat

If you’re looking for something new but still affordable and green, check out the H&M Home Conscious Collection. I’d been eyeing their duvet cover (which comes in several colors and includes two pillow cases) for awhile and finally ordered it a few weeks ago. It’s great quality, eco-friendly, and fairly inexpensive at about $60 bucks. Check for sales; they’re almost always offering 10% off. Right now the collection includes duvet and pillow covers, towels, bathmats, table cloths, and a few odds and ends like a rug and bathrobes. Fingers crossed they add more options soon!

By far my absolute favorite edition to our sustainable bed are our two new Juvea pillows. Juvea is a Connecticut brand based out of Shelton, not far from where I grew up! On top of being eco-friendly and cruelty free, I am so happy to be supporting a local brand. When you buy from a local small business you’re also helping to save the planet by lowering your carbon footprint, AND you’re supporting your community.

juvea pillows

Juvea pillows are literally made from trees and are processed using both traditional and modern methods. They are committed to customer satisfaction and offer several different options depending on your favorite sleeping positions (back, side, or stomach). You can even customize your pillow cover based on your needs. Pick from cooling (what I chose), cotton, or lyocell fiber; each option offering something different.

My boyfriend Kia is always hot and has a lot of neck discomfort when sleeping on regular pillows. He is obsessed with the Juvea cooling cover pillow! I have always been a firm believer in mixing quality items with thrifted finds; these pillows are insanely comfortable and well-made. I know we will be using them for years to come. Now the only problem is actually getting up in the morning!

Fancy an upgrade for your own bed? Interested in Juvea pillows? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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