Sleepy Morning Kimono

Spring always begins like a deep morning stretch; slow and luxurious, taking it's sweet time before deciding to begin. But begin it always will, and as the sun starts to shine a little brighter and the days become a bit longer we can look forward to the annual bloom of life once again. So take a deep full body stretch along with a long expansive breath and let's get to it.

Spring is the perfect time to start (or re-start) a planner or journal if you don't have a weekly practice. I am a huge advocate of journaling and I'm in love with my Law of Attraction planner. I highly recommend taking a morning to yourself when the sun is shining and making a list of things you'd like to do for the spring and summer. Journal about how your winter was, and make sure to practice gratitude thinking by writing down a few things you're thankful for so far this year.

I really want to get some spring cleaning done as we are moving into a new apartment soon with a little more space! This means planning for some new home decor (right?) and getting rid of anything we don't need anymore. I found some decor inspiration at the Airbnb that I shot this look in. It was tasteful, full of natural light, and this room in particular was the perfect space to sit and recharge. Check out the Clifford Chesney Mansion on Airbnb if you are planning an event, a family reunion, or maybe just a spring get-away.

For those beautiful spring mornings when the birds are chirping and there's a sweet breeze blowing this kimono from Shop Sugar Sands is the perfect piece to throw on as you journal or meditate. It's light and comfy with a gorgeous burn-out velvet pattern to admire. Shop the details below!