24 Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Wants

24 Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Wants

Hey, we need to talk.

You need to stop buying your man socks and a new tie every holiday season. There, I said it. You and I both know he doesn’t really want those things. But here are some things he does. You’re welcome.

If he loves his new tech

1. Remote Car Starter - Enough said. Everyone wants one of these.

2. Razer Mamba Elite Gaming Mouse - Because he loves video games, and you love him.

3. Apple Watch - If you’re planning to go big.

4. Leather Apple Watch Band - If he already has an Apple Watch. That bastard.

If he’s into activities

5. Groupon is great for finding local activities.

6. Shooting Range - Just don’t shoot him.

7. Archery - Again…he’ll know it wasn’t an ‘accident’.

8. Trampoline Park - This one is fairly safe….

If he’s super into fitness

9. Onnit - If your man is like my man, he’ll be obsessed with this supplement line.

10. Private Fitness Class - Whatever he’s into, he’ll love the chance to work with an expert and up his gains.

11. RBX Active Shorts & Active Tee - Tell him he needs new gym clothes because his muscles are getting so big. He’ll love that.

If he needs to relax

12. Massages are not just for the ladies.

13. Cryotherapy - If he’s into wellness, it’ll change his life.

14. Acupuncture - My boyfriend swears by it, and yours can too.

15. Daily High Club Subscription Box - All I’m saying is: weed is the new cocktail.

16. CBD oil - For a tamer version.

If he likes to look good

17. The Gentleman’s Soak Bath Salts - After a long day, there’s nothing better.

18. Beard Kit - If your man has a beard congratulations; you chose wisely.

19. Lucky Brand Graphic Tee - You kind of can’t mess this one up.

20. Sneakers - Something to cover the socks you bought him last year.

If he loves all things food & drink

21. Exotic Meats Jerky Crate - I’m gagging, but he won’t be.

22. Find a local cooking class. This counts as a gift for both of you.

23. Use CraftBeer.com to find a Brewery. Take him to said brewery. Drink beer. Be Merry.

24. Flaviar Spirits Sample Box - For the CEO within him.


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Nicole in Colour