My Winter Skincare Favorites

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If there’s one word I could use to describe winter skincare it would be: Moisturize.

Once temperatures drop, I always notice a change in my skin and how it reacts to products. Since I have a lot of acne scarring, I tend to use products that will speed skin cell turnover and these always result in dry and flaky skin during winter.

To combat this, I switch to gentler products and scrubs to keep my skin fresh and hydrated. Along with drinking a ton of water (which we all know we need to do more of) these are the products I use during the cold winter months.

Jojoba Oil

I basically worship this amazing oil, pronounced ho-ho-bah. I recommend it to literally everyone I know. It’s pricey, but lasts a long while since you only need a few drops at a time. It’s 100% my go-to skincare product. Give it a few minutes to sink into your skin and use it to your hearts content. Read more about jojoba oil here.


This is another product that I’ve used for years and swear by. My college roommate turned me onto it after I asked what kind of lip gloss she was wearing one day. I always have a big tube of it in my purse. If you’re tired of chapped lips, this is your new obsession. It’s not fancy, it just does exactly what you want it to while making your lips look plump and shiny.


I know you’ve probably heard this one 1,000 times. But that’s because it works. Cetaphil isn’t fancy or fun, but it’s perfect for winter cleansing and make-up removal. Yes, it’s bland which means it won’t dry out or irritate your skin. I know you probably have a large half-used bottle of this in the back of your closet already.


Work on your skin from the inside out with these vitamins. I highly recommend you stick to this brand which can be found in most drug stores; I’ve tried other brands that have made me nauseous after taking them. I know it’s annoying to take vitamins morning and night, but these little babies will literally change your skin.

Aloe Vera

Any products touting aloe in them will generally work wonders, but you can’t get better than pure aloe vera gel. I like to slather this on before I go to bed and then wash it off in the morning. Use a dime sized drop all over the skin and then let it dry. It may make your face feel a little tight, but you can jump into bed knowing the aloe will be healing and calming inflammation all night long.

Hydrating Sheet Masks

I got a bunch on these face masks as a bridesmaid gift and I’m currently obsessing over them. They are super affordable and the brand Soo’Ae carries all different kind of products. My favorite so far is the hydrating deep sea mask, but I definitely want to try the Unicorn Mask and the Donkey Milk Mask!

Rose Himalayan Salt Scrub

Rose Himalayan Salt Scrub, $20.00

Rose Himalayan Salt Scrub, $20.00

I fell in love with Florapothecarie many moons ago and this has always been my absolute favorite scrub. You can use it all over the body for a feel good, smell good, tingly clean sensation but I particularly enjoy using it on my face as well. It’s made with coconut and jojoba oil so it’s very moisturizing and will leave your skin feeling baby bottom smooth. I love to use this a few times a week in the shower, but be gentle if you have sensitive skin.

I’ve shared my favorites and I’d love to hear yours! Let me know in the comments if you have any go-to products that keep your skin looking fresh when the temperatures drop!

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