Free People Autumn

It's a rainy day here in CT, but I'm feeling inspired by my weekend trip to Vermont. Kia and I stayed in this amazing Airbnb in the middle of nowhere and spent our time driving around and gazing at the mountains, farms and leaves. I've said this so many times before, but autumn really is a magical time of year. The colours that nature produces are so graceful and natural, yet leave me feeling mesmerized. All that visual stimulation makes me excited to come back and bring that feeling into my next look.

This look is from Free People and you can get the exact items at the bottom of the post. This jacket also comes in red and rose, and I'm obsessed. It's oversized and comfortable while still being badass. Not much better than that ladies and gentlemen. The red sunnies turn your world into a steamy infared landscape, and while they're not exactly functional (literally everything is red) they are one-of-a-kind and will make any outfit. Shop details at the bottom of the post!


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