Little Hippie on the Prairie

This week I'm all about inspiration. After a few weeks of cold weather, photo shoots that didn't go as planned, and some nagging self doubt clouding my creativity, I really needed to take a break and center myself again.

Inspiration when we're having a period of 'meh' is a great pick-me-up, whatever it is you might be needing. Whether you're looking to eating healthy, get creative, or find positivity there are always fresh ideas to be found in our daily lives and on the good old internet. Sign up for an organic cooking workshop, search for vegan recipes online, follow some new artists and bloggers, write down your thoughts, or take a yoga class and see what kind of ideas start popping into your head.

For me, this look was inspired by the beautiful @madmavenstyle. May my hat collection be as great as hers one day. Details below!

Love, Nicole

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