Corduroy and Fringe

New England had a few unseasonably warm days this week, and I was glad to take advantage of the sun to shoot this look. After driving around for a time, I came upon this off season camp ground down a side street. No one was there so I parked and tramped through the mud in my hiking boots, carrying my camera and heels, flares cuffed and stuffed haphazardly.

As I drove back home an hour later, excited to look through the images and reflecting on the beauty and serenity of the empty lake, I started to think about Samadhi. Samadhi is the yogic version of enlightenment or nirvana; an intense, meditative focus on the present moment. For me, and I think for many, we find moments of Samadhi in our everyday lives when we are deeply entranced with something. Hours can go by and we wouldn't even notice because we are concentrating so deeply, unaware even of that concentration.

Self portraiture has always had this effect on me. I am completely one with the moment; the physical self and the conscious align. Capturing the movement of fabric and body, the shadows and colors of light and space. My mind empties of thought, instead focusing on the sensations of the here and now. The smell of the air, the chill of the wind, the feeling of the ground underneath me, the colors of the sky, the sound of the trees. It's a beautiful thing.

What brings you moments of Samadhi? Comment below or tag me @nicoleincolour. Outfit details below.

Love, Nicole

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