Rich Farm Ice Cream Shop

If you live anywhere near Oxford, you have undoubtedly heard about, if not been to Rich Farm. I grew up going to this ice cream shop, hidden off of Route 67 and will never forget the excitement I felt waiting in line, surrounded by meadows and cows. 

You'll be lucky if you arrive and there are only a few people in line. I don't think I've ever been here when there has been NO line. Trust me when I say, standing in whatever line awaits you is worth it. All of Rich's ice cream is made fresh daily on the farm, undoubtedly right from the cows that can sometimes be seen grazing or hanging out in the barn. I'm convinced it's the best ice cream in Connecticut.

The shop offers a ton of flavors. You can expect all the usuals, plus a rotating selection of specialty flavors. You can have your choice of cup, cone, or freshly made waffle cone (which I highly reccomend). The portions here are massive to say the least. A small is one and a half generous scoops, a kiddie is one large scoop. You can top your ice cream of choice with just about everything under the sun including my favorite, cookie dough.

Looking for something different? They offer greek frozen yogurt, ices, shakes, floats, and soft serve. Take your treat and sit on one of the numerous benches or picnic tables, or even right on the grass. The farm is beautiful, with trees, meadows, and sweeping fields all around. If you don't want the magic to end, take a pint of your favorite home with you.

Have you been to Rich Farm Ice Cream Shop? Share your thoughts in the comments below!