How to Adjust to Reality after Yoga Teacher Training

All yoga teachers know that when you attend your first teacher training, you are immediately spirited away into a beautiful and pristine yoga bubble. Everyone around you is on the same wavelength, in the same mindset, thinking all the same things as you are. Every person is unique and beautiful, they all have stories that are rich and complex and their lives are filled with excitement and passion. The best thing is you know they feel the same way about you as you do about them. Everyone truly cares for each other and inspiration and personal growth run rampant. You find yourself filled with peace and love, constantly brought to tears by the simple acts of kindness and support your fellow yogis give you everyday.

Then it hits you: What the hell are you supposed to do when you have to leave and go home? There are no coconuts at home. There are no teachers like your teachers, no fellow yogis like your yogis waiting for you at home. Who are you going to talk to about your energy alignment or chakrahs, who is going to understand vande guruman and om shanti shanti shanti?!

You begin to dread seeing people in your town. How are you going to relate? NO ONE WILL UNDERSTAND. You realize you don't want to go back to the way things were before. You fear that your yoga bubble will pop.

The thing is the safety of your bubble is entirely up to you. The sense of peace and community we feel at teacher trainings has been inside us all along. It's up to us to keep it alive, and bring it around to other people. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people waiting for you back home, or wherever you are going next. People that are inspired by you, and want to learn about your experiences. It's not other people that are going to break your bubble. Only you can do that. Rather it's you that can share your bubble with others, and help them create bubbles of their own.


Reality is what you create. We don't leave reality when we have a vacation, or travel, or get certified to teach. That time is still reality. What we should focus on is bringing that 'out of reality' feeling back into our everyday lives. That way each and every day we can feel alive, passionate, and excited about what we are doing, and most importantly connected with the people around us. This is a great lesson that yoga taught me. All of us want to change the world, and we know that to do this, first we change ourselves. But after we've learned to love and care for ourselves, the next step is loving and caring for the people around us. We can't overlook the people closest to us in favor of the whole world. Parents, significant others, friends: we need to love and accept these guys too. I know that I am guilty of sometimes taking these people for granted, and it's a thing I am striving to be mindful of.

So, how do you adjust after a yoga teacher training? You don't! You take everything that you have learned and spread it around to as many people as you can. You will never be the same after a yoga teacher training; you'll be better and the world will be too.

Are you a yoga teacher? Tell me about your experiences after you graduated!