Harley Quinn Halloween

I know everyone and their mother is being Harley Quinn for Halloween this year, but really...how can you not? She's a fun role to play, and allows you to let your freak flag fly. Putting together a costume is also extremely easy if you're not looking to spend a lot of money this year. I ripped an old white tank top and splattered it with red paint and make-up, pulled out some old eye-shadow, and mis-matched my shoes. Ta-da! Carry around a baseball bat and laugh like a maniac and you're good to go. Details on this outfit and other great Harley Quinn pieces below!

Seen on Nicole:

For make-up and hair you'll need blue and pink eyeshadow (I used lipstick for my pink eye color), black eyeliner and mascara, pale concealer, and red lipstick. For hair color try High Beams Intense Temporary Hair color in blue and pink